I Changed My Mind On School Funding

I took the time to look more closely into the details of how schools are funded in the US.  I did this mostly out of curiosity about how local funding for schools (via property taxes) actually works, and what alternatives there might be.  I have heard that local funding contributes to differences in outcomes between … Read more

What Scares Me About The American Left

I have become more and more uneasy with some of the manifestations of the modern left in America – identity politics, the campus PC culture, privilege theory, flirtation with far-left economic policies. Supporters say they are fighting for equality and justice.  I believe most are sincere and actually believe that they really are fighting for … Read more

What’s Driving The Cost Of College?

Over the last 40 years, the cost of college has been increasing by almost twice the rate of inflation.  That kind of annual increase for that long has meant that the cost of college is ever more out of reach for ordinary human beings.  The average cost of even a state school is now $20,000 … Read more

It’s Time To Take Action Against The Obesity Epidemic

The modern world has come to accept something that should have been unthinkable.  Many people now believe that it is a normal part of life to struggle with weight. We accept this disease as normal despite the fact that this has only been going on in anything like the current numbers for about 40 years … Read more

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