Why Most EU Member States Need Brexit

They need to know what happens when someone leaves. Every country in the EU has large anti-EU groups, and also just larger sections of the populace that have legitimate complains about different aspects of the structure or laws that variety by country and its situation. This is arising from the over-centralization of dozens of linguistically … Read more

Where Does Plastics Pollution Come From And What Can We Do?

A study came out recently by the University of Newcastle that said that we are eating about one credit card’s worth of plastic a week.  It could be higher because the study did not measure plastic in some types of food and drink. This startling statistic immediately brings two questions to mind. Question #1 – … Read more

What’s Driving The Cost Of College?

Over the last 40 years, the cost of college has been increasing by almost twice the rate of inflation.  That kind of annual increase for that long has meant that the cost of college is ever more out of reach for ordinary human beings.  The average cost of even a state school is now $20,000 … Read more

Is Globalization Tearing Up The Social Contract?

In the Rust Belt America town where I grew up there are many streets named after local businessmen. These were the people that owned factories and businesses back in the time when the city had such things. In today’s world, I’m not sure many of the people who work for the businesses that remain even … Read more

Some Thoughts On The Universal Income Conversation

A ‘universal income’ is an idea that has been kicked around a lot in the last decade or so.  Exactly what it means, and most importantly how much it costs, depends on your definition. The basic idea is that each citizen should receive from the government an annual payment.  This idea is meant to have … Read more

What Are A Government’s Basic Obligations?

What are the goals of a national government? How are we to evaluate the success of a society?  This is my answer, or at least part of it. This is nationalist – I believe that nationalism has proven the only basis of government provides human rights and participation to the population, instead of just existing … Read more

It’s Time To Take Action Against The Obesity Epidemic

The modern world has come to accept something that should have been unthinkable.  Many people now believe that it is a normal part of life to struggle with weight. We accept this disease as normal despite the fact that this has only been going on in anything like the current numbers for about 40 years … Read more

A quick discussion of Ranked-Choice and Approval voting methods, and why Ranked-Choice is better

I support a party-list proportional voting system for the lower houses of the federal and state legislatures. I think that kind of broad approach is a better system than dividing the seats for those bodies into districts that have only a single representative elected from each. But that still leaves the question of how to … Read more

Proportional Voting Is Fair Voting

What if there was a voting reform that could end gerrymandering, increase voter turnout, increase the number of parties we can choose from, , fairly represent everyone, decrease polarization, and decrease the impact of money in politics? And what if this reform could easily be supported by all voters? This exists. It’s called a proportional … Read more

Understanding the connection between Nationalism, Democracy, and Human Rights

You will hear many complaints about nationalism and tribalism these days, especially from cultural elites such as academics.  It’s become stylish to present these as negative ideologies that contribute to wars, etc. The implication is that human beings can somehow function without the group parts of their identity.  But before we throw the baby out … Read more

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