More on the lockdown debate

It’s been a bumpy ride on the COVID-19 train over the last couple of months.  First it was possibly nothing, then it was the end of the world. Then as the lockdowns bit hard and more reliable data came out of our own experience with NYC and other US locales, doubts began to surface again.  … Read more

I think this would help the public’s Coronavirus lockdown response

The next month is going to tell us whether or not the coronavirus will have a devastating human toll in our society.  If not the next month, then the next year will definitely answer it. Is this the next Spanish flu, or just the flu, or something in between (but obviously we all hope, more … Read more

What If Each State Handled It’s Own Healthcare?

This is the first article to follow up on the general articles about federal distribution of powers and talk about a specific example.  That example is healthcare. Healthcare is a big problem in the United States – the cost is high, access isn’t universal (though it isn’t quite as bad as we sometimes think), and … Read more

Where Does Plastics Pollution Come From And What Can We Do?

A study came out recently by the University of Newcastle that said that we are eating about one credit card’s worth of plastic a week.  It could be higher because the study did not measure plastic in some types of food and drink. This startling statistic immediately brings two questions to mind. Question #1 – … Read more

It’s Time To Take Action Against The Obesity Epidemic

The modern world has come to accept something that should have been unthinkable.  Many people now believe that it is a normal part of life to struggle with weight. We accept this disease as normal despite the fact that this has only been going on in anything like the current numbers for about 40 years … Read more

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