About Modern Polis

I am writing the Courage To Question blog to explore becoming a better citizen and how we can make a better country. This includes thoughts on broad themes such a nationalism and group identity or the structure of the system, are well as policy-related topics or economic trends. The name is a reference to the city-states (Greek ‘polis’) where democracy was first tried. It is my hope that my thoughts will help others trying to orient themselves in these polarized and chaotic times.

This is not a news or entertainment site. I will rarely mention specific events or people, but I will discuss topics that you may see in the news. We need to do better on these things and that must come from the citizens having through through their own opinions rather than relying on those of others.

I also have a blog here that focuses on personal development in areas such as manhood, personal finance, fitness, or the habits and philosophies of good living. The idea is the same – that my journey might help others think about theirs.

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